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should women be regarded as inferior to men?
        i never think that women should be treated as the second-class citizens. observing objectively, you’ll find that women have succeeded in virtually any existing occupation you care to name: politicians, soldiers, doctors, university professors, lawyers, business executives, scientists and even presidents of countries. today’s intense competition in jobs is not only between men, but also between men and the ’weaker sex’, who have often put men to shame in almost every field. yet men refuse to acknowledge them and give women their due, and their attitude towards women BEComes even more hostile. the only sound explanation for this is that men shun (回避,躲避) real competition-they are afraid of being beaten at the games that they consider to be their own.
        if there is anything that men are better than women, it is their physical strength. no other things that men claim to excel in are borne out by statistics. physical strength excluded, the fact is that men and women are basically equal in all kinds of abilities except when it comes to language art and negotiation skills, at which women are better. you can be sure that if negotiation tasks were left to women who are gentler, more graceful and levelheaded, they would succeed brilliantly, where men have failed for centuries, and therefore war has been a frequent scene on this planet. believe it or not, it is women who could turn those filthy and bloody battlefields into lands of joy. so some things are too important to be left to men! (252 words) 
        it sounds pretty ridiculous to claim that men and women are equal and have the same abilities. men have excelled in every field of work. plato, freud, beethoven, einstein, pavarotti and li ning are the names of great men in different fields, to name just a few. can you effortlessly think up a woman’s name that can match those brilliant names? you may argue that you can name a dozen of great women athletes. well, yes. however, they look great simply because they have never run or played against men. see what happens if you group men and women together in the same race. 
        women are justifiably called the weaker sex not only because they are physically weak, they are mentally fragile as well. they depend too little on cool reasoning and too much on intuition and instinct to arrive at decisions. sometimes they are not even capable of thinking clearly. that is why they often gossip and chatter and scream whenever they talk, which men seldom do, and that is also why there are eMBArrassingly few women politicians in any country you can think of. big decisions are always left for men to make, for they are more reliable, rational, and levelheaded. 
        many women complain that they look inferior because they have never been offered equal opportunities in jobs. this may have been true in the long past, but not now. the fact is that jobs are open to both sexes, but it is almost impossible for women to be wives, mothers and successful career women all at once. actually most women are glad to let men support their families. they know that bearing and rearing children are more important. and that is why men outnumber women in practically every kind of job. they are not excluded; they exclude themselves. (299 words)

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