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22nd century, the most popular language-Chinese Mandarin
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 China is becoming one of the world leading countries, especially in terms of its economic, technology and military. As the market grows and resources accumulate, the number of foreign travellers and businessmen has been increasing over the past 10 years, thus the need of learning Chinese Mandarin follows the growth.  

Chinese mandarin has been categorised as the worlds most difficult language, however this statement is half true. Why? It is simply because it only takes 6 hours to learn its pronunciations ‘Pinyin’, ABC alphabets, and after that the students will be able to read every word in the books and the students vocabulary level can be started to increase in the class just right after the 6 hours start up learning! But why it is the most difficult language? As China has over 5000-year-history, it has accumulated large amount of ancient vocabularies in the poems and articles, and yet it rarely appears in our daily life.

Jinqiao Languages Centre provides professional Practical Chinese Mandarin lessons [Chinese study/ study Chinese/ Learn Chinese/ Chinese class] We have been providing the Chinese study service over 15 years in Guangzhou, China. The aim and effect of this course is to let the students gain the ability to listen and speak Chinese. The class lasts for three and a half months, Monday\Wednesday\Friday 7:00-9:00p.m.

Jinqiao Foreign Languages Training Center, a professional foreign languages training organization, was established in 1993 by a group of excellent teachers from Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages (now called Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS)). It is a famous large-scale foreign language training organization with educational systems at all levels. Many excellent teachers offer classes in a variaty of  training programs, including experienced foreign language teachers from GDUFS and other institutions of higher learning, eminent training experts and professors, outstanding talents and foreign teachers.
      Over the past 20 years, it has occupied the leading position among the foreign language training circles in Guangzhou. With the first-class teaching quality, it has gained trust, support and fame from various circles.
      As a large-scale training center, it has an excellent teaching faculty, provides a diversified educational system, and covers a variety of training languages, such as English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Portuguese,PersianFarsi),Thai,Vietnamese, Mandarin Chinese,Turkish,Hebrew,Hindi,Swedish,Indonesian,Dutch,Norwegian,Polish and Greek. With all the above advantages, it can fully satisfy the needs of all walks of life.
     It has created many wonders among the foreign languages training circles. Training thousands of practical foreign language talents and setting up a new upsurge of foreign languages learning. Jinqiao has always been in the lead of foreign languages training in Guangzhou. Owing to its outstanding achievements, it has been extolled by such mass media as Guangzhou Daily, New Express Daily, Information Times, Yangcheng Evening News ,Guangzhou Morning Post and some other departments, such as Education Institute of China, as “the bellwether of minor languages training”, and has earned some titles of honor, such as,  “Mainstream Training Organization”, “Top Ten English Training Brand School”, “School with Social Acknowledgement”, “Prominent Unit in the Foreign Language Training Industry”, and “National Model Center of Foreign Language Teaching and Research. 

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